Accessorise and Personalise!

Accessories are like jewellery for you room - choose them carefully and they will be the perfect finishing touch!

Texture will add an amazing dimension to your room. Add throws, cushions and rugs in a mix of fabrics and your room will really come to life! Try to reign in the colour palette to three or four tones so you’re not creating a messy rainbow. I love to add more vivid colours against a more neutral background so they really do ‘sing’. Contrasting textures such as silk or velvet against rough natural linens or fluffy wool against smooth leather add interest; it means your brain cannot take everything in immediately. Entering a room becomes a journey of discovery for the eye.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on accessories. So many high street stores now stock an amazing array of throws, cushions, vases, frames and candles that you cannot fail to find something to suit your taste. The key is not to buy everything from the one shop and to mix and match products to create a more interesting look. Nothing is duller than walking into a room that is an exact replica of page 37 of the such and such catalogue… You learn nothing about the personality or likes of the people that live in the home.

I’m personally a little bit taken with Uniche Interior Furnishings website for unusual and quirky accessories and vintage furniture… I’m coveting ‘Oscar’ – the Owl side table:–side-table-354-p.asp

Also, add vintage items where you can – items with history tell a story, add personality and bring life to a room. With the huge trend for upcycling, vintage items are easier than ever to come by… Sometimes items can be left untouched, others given a fresh lick of fresh to give them a completely new look but still keeping that feeling of history…

I guess the key is to personalise your home… Make sure it reflects you, your family and the things you love... That way when you get home after a long day, your spirits will lift as soon as you open the door!

With love x

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