Where do I start?!

It’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed when you’re planning a room revamp... where to start?!  What to choose?!

Thinking about how you want the room to feel before you think about how you want it to look is important.  You want the room to look and feel its best at the time you're likely to be in it most, so if it's the living room for example and you mostly spend evenings in there, then pay special attention to the lighting and perhaps introduce plenty of textures to help make the room cosy and welcoming after a long day...

I find a really good way to start is to choose just one thing to focus on.  It may be a cushion in a vivid print that you picked up somewhere exotic, or an old armchair or vase that’s been passed down through the family, or a swatch of fabric you’ve been carrying around for months.  From that initial piece you can choose a main colour (whether it be coordinating, or clashing) and style to work to.

Then you can start pulling all of your ideas together.  This gives you the chance to really look at how everything will work together in your room, and hopefully save you some expensive mistakes along the way!

Photo by Nikiya Christie on Unsplash

Photo by Nikiya Christie on Unsplash


Apps such as Pinterest are great for collating your favourite ideas together (be prepared to fall into a rabbit hole of beautiful images and ideas if you do venture on though!).  A great way to use Pinterest is to simply collect together as many different images that appeal to you initially for your room.  Save them all to a board and then go through and sort them into some sort of order, honing your ideas as you go.  They may not necessarily all be interiors shots (in fact it’s great to add other mood shots in to your room moodboard), but they should create a feeling that appeals to you for the space you want to decorate.

Pinterest board example

A Pinterest board of ideas.


You can do a similar process with magazines and catalogues too – tearing out the pages of anything that inspires you.  Again, sorting them to create some cohesion once you’re done.  These can be glued to a board, or taped to a wall or pin board – just try and get them all in one place so you can see how everything works together overall.

These digital moodboards have been created as part of my ‘moodboard of the month’ series, but I can create one for you with your needs in mind. You can find out more here.

  Contemporary moodboard in mustard and coral  Classic living room moodboard in pink and sage green


Soak up as much inspiration as you can, but remember, it is your home, and by taking the time to consider and plan out your rooms, your home will avoid being a carbon copy of someone else's home and be a true reflection of you/your family and your personalities.

Happy planning!


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