Why choose bespoke curtains and blinds?

Buying anything that is bespoke and made just for you is always going be a much bigger investment of your hard earned money than buying the ready made version, so why should you spend your pennies on bespoke curtains and blinds?

Sage green double pleat curtains on bespoke bay curtain pole

There are so many reasons why bespoke could be the right way to go if you’re looking for some new window dressing for your home… One of the biggest being CHOICE! There are thousands of fabrics available for you to choose from, and there will likely be several that you could use in any one room in your home.  You can also choose from a huge range of curtain headings and blinds as well as various linings to suit the exact window you’re looking to dress. This means that your curtains will be truly unique to you and your home.

There is also a sense of tradition and the knowledge that your curtains or blinds will have been through a lengthy process of fabric checking by both the supplier and the sewing room, cutting, pattern matching and then painstaking sewn to your exact measurements. The love, care and attention to detail that goes into the manufacture of the curtains is second to none

Now this level of choice and service does come with a cost. There is little doubt that bespoke curtains and blinds will be more costly than ready made, but they are actually excellent value for money when you consider all the above plus the fact that there is no reason why your new curtains shouldn’t last you for AT LEAST 10-15 years. The difficulty is that there will always be companies that are willing to cut corners to reduce costs, whether it is offering less fullness in the curtains making them look mean and less luxurious, buying fabric in bulk meaning half the houses in your area have a version of the same thing, inferior quality linings offering very little protection for the main fabric, or simply lack of service both during and after the sale. Ultimately it’s rare for ‘cheap’ to equate to ‘good value’.

Lime green and grey floral Roman blinds showing perfect pattern matching   

Add to this the fact that your new curtains and blinds will be professionally installed, the curtains will fit perfectly, and they are much more sustainable having been made locally and being much longer lasting than a ready made pair AND you will almost certainly be supporting a small business, which is vital to the economy.

So there you have it – it’s a bit of a long one, but it’s important to explain sometimes why the costs are higher as it’s easy to miss some of the details that make up the whole process.

If you've worked with me - what did you think was the biggest benefit to you?

Red paisley fabric with elaborate trim to leading edge of curtains

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