Why work with a small business?

Something I’ve learned from my 6 years in business and a further decade in the industry; is that people buy from people.  The level of service that I love to deliver, and that you, my client, deserves –a bespoke, personal, ‘at home’ service – is best grown by spending some time with you, visiting your home, and finding out what makes you tick.  It’s the time spent getting to know my clients, which ensures that you end up with the right solution for your windows.

The same thing is true in reverse – how do you know you want to buy from With Love Interiors if you’ve not had much opportunity to get to know me?  Asking me to undertake work in your home is a huge privilege for me and I do everything I can to make sure that your experience of buying curtains and blinds is as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

My absolute favourite part of the job is getting out there and meeting clients, both new and existing, and finding out what they do and don’t like, and it’s this part of my work that adds a massive value to the service that you simply won’t get from popping into your local large retailer (I’m looking at you John Lewis, Laura Ashley and Dunelm...).  Over the years, I have become close friends with many of my former clients through working for them – that doesn’t happen without spending time getting to know each other.  I also get a lot of repeat business, which I take as a huge compliment.

In these fast moving, social media obsessed, instant emailing, quick turnaround times, I think there is a lot to be said for the slightly slower paced personal touch that small businesses can offer.  I love when I get email enquiries via my website contact form – that’s absolutely what it’s there for, and I know many people enjoy the convenience of email – but going forward, I’m going to be picking up the phone a bit more often, and making sure that you really know who you’re buying from, and equally as important, that I really know who I’m working with.

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