Why work with an Interior Designer?

So many people wonder why I do the job I do: “Who would want to pay an Interior Designer then - I bet you only work for really rich people?!”, “I prefer to choose everything myself – I don’t want someone else telling me how to decorate!”…

Well, I guess these are fair comments, but in truth I will do my best to work with all budgets. And a good designer shouldn’t be telling you what to do, but opening your eyes to options that you mightn’t have considered before.


Not many would consider going this dark on their walls and ceiling, but in the bedroom image below belonging to fabulous designer Abigail Ahern, the dark walls and gorgeous mixture of textures creates such a cozy, cocoon-like space that just looks so inviting. A designer can encourage you to push your boundaries just a little bit further!

There are lots of reasons for choosing to work with an Interior Designer/soft furnishing specialist – you’ll notice I say ‘work with’, not employ – I believe it should be a partnership, whilst a designer can take away the legwork and the hassle, they should absolutely ensure that the client is kept ‘in the loop’ at all times. There are huge ranges of products on the market that are put simply, difficult to source without using a professional. I have access to thousands of fabrics and wallpapers that aren’t available on the high street. We are used to visualising items in different spaces, and we will always encourage you to push yourself just a little bit further to create a room that is truly beautiful. Yes, of course a large budget can help when you’re choosing your home furnishings, but we all know money doesn’t buy taste!! Taste is also intensely personal – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that!

Probably from my grounding as a Showroom Merchandiser at IKEA, I tend to find that whilst I love things to look beautiful, I have to know that a room is going to function for its occupants – are there enough chairs? Can you see to read? Do you like to refresh the colour scheme often? Often, it is all too easy to become swept along with a particularly ‘trendy’ product or style and forget that you will probably be living with it for several years. I would always advise my clients to decorate for themselves, and to reflect their likes and dislikes rather than following a ‘trend’, it makes for a far more individual approach and one that is likely to be completed successfully and stay in favour for longer – thus saving money in the long run!

So, you see there are lots of reasons why it is always worth talking to an Interior Designer before you begin work on your home.

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