Blinds can give a contemporary yet cosy feel to your home, and can be made in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Here is a small selection of blinds we can provide at With Love Interiors.

Roman blinds

Bespoke Roman Blinds from With Love Interiors
Roman blinds are a very versatile option as they can be made from almost any fabric.  They are able to be lined in standard, blackout and interlining or can even be left unlined if the fabric calls for it.  Folds of fabric create a softer look that most other blind options, and are suited to both modern and more traditional windows.  They can be fitted either inside the window recess for a sleek simple look, or outside the recess to give the illusion of a larger window.  Contrasting trims and borders can be added to create a truly unique piece.


Roller blinds
Bespoke Roller Blinds from With Love Interiors
Simple and functional – roller blinds are available in a huge range of fabrics.  Blackout, voile, plain or patterned, roller blinds are generally more suited to contemporary settings, but given that it is possible to stiffen most cotton based fabrics for use as a roller blind fabric; they can be equally well used in more traditional schemes.  Decorative bars can also be added to the bottom to add more interest.  Roller blinds can also be motorised for ease of use if access is difficult.


Venetian blinds
Bespoke Venetian Blinds from With Love Interiors
Venetian blinds are a great way of adjusting the sunlight into a room without blocking it entirely.  Venetians are available in wood, faux wood and metal and in a variety of slat widths, and in a selection of colours and finishes.  Although usually used in more ‘functional’ rooms, Venetian blinds are also suitable throughout the house, and the addition of tapes instead of strings gives a Shutter effect which is very popular.


Vertical blinds
Bespoke Vertical Blinds from With Love Interiors
Often used on larger windows and patio doors, Vertical blinds are excellent at deflecting bright sunlight from rooms.  Available in a mixture of fabric weights and colours and in two widths of slats, they can be drawn to either side of the window, or split draw like a pair of curtains. 


There are many other types of blinds available, so if the blind you’re interested in isn’t shown here, then please call me, Jo, on 01952 301032 to discuss your requirements.