Curtain Headings

There are a number of different headings for you to choose from - depending on the style of the room which the curtains are for and the effect you want to achieve.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat Curtains from With Love Interiors

The Pencil pleat is one of the most well known curtain headings.  It is a flexible curtain heading as it can be adjusted to fit the track or pole perfectly and is created by gathering a 3” tape sewn to the top of the curtains. Curtains with a pencil pleat heading will be made to double fullness and gathered to create the pleats.  On a long curtain drop, a larger heading tape can be used, giving a better proportion to the pleats.  Pencil pleat hangs well on both a track and a pole.

Triple (pinch) pleat

Triple Pinch Pleat Curtains from With Love Interiors

Another well known heading, the triple pleat is a hand finished heading created by sewing three pleats into the curtain heading at regular intervals, with a flat area left in between.  A stiffener is inserted into the heading prior to the stitching to create neat folds.  Curtains with a triple pleat heading will be made to two and half times the fullness of the window.  They hang best on a curtain pole, but can also be fitted to a track.  The pleats have a more formal feel and will give a smart, tailored look to your room.

Double pleat


Double Pleat Curtains from With Love Interiors

Double pleat heading is made in same way as triple pleat, but with two pleats at the top rather than three.  It has a slightly more contemporary feel than the triple pleat, but keeps with the tailored look.

Goblet pleat

Goblet Pleat Curtains from With Love Interiors


A traditional yet elegant curtain heading, the Goblet pleat is created in the same way as a double or triple pleat, but rather than sewing in the centre of the pleats, it is stuffed to create a shape similar to that of a champagne flute or ‘Goblet’.  These curtains are best hung on a curtain pole.

  Cartridge Pleat

Cartridge Pleat Curtains from With Love Interiors

The Cartridge pleat is a contemporary take on the elegant Goblet curtain pleat, being made almost identically, however the bottom of the pleats are not sewn together to create the ‘Goblet’. This simple curtain heading creates beautiful uniform pleats in the fabric.



Eyelet Curtains from With Love Interiors

One of the most contemporary methods of curtain hanging, eyelets allow the fabric to drape very uniformly and the curtains will stack back well, so are ideal in situations where there is little space to sides of a window or door. The standard size of the metal eyelet is 40mm, but 50mm and 66mm options are also available for larger diameter poles.


Other styles of heading are of course available and will be recommended where appropriate.  Please call Jo on 01952 301032 to discuss your requirements.